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Husum, WA
County: Klickitat
Elevation: 413 feet
Latitude: 45.799 N
Longitude: 121.487 W
BZ Corner , WA
County: Klickitat
Elevation: 650 feet
Latitude: 45.85 N
Longitude: 121.509 W

Husum and BZ Corner, Washington

Kayaking on the White Salmon River

Just a few short miles apart, the unincorporated communities of Husum and BZ Corner are located on Highway 141 in western Klickitat County. Major local industries are farming, ranching, timber and recreation.

Husum and BZ Corner are located in the White Salmon River Valley property proper, in the heart of the rich orchard lands. The towns are favorably situated as a hub for roads from the towns of Trout Lake, Glenwood, Laurel, Fulda, Panikanik, Gilmer, Underwood, and White Salmon.

The elevation at BZ Corner is listed as 717 feet above sea level, according to a US Geological Survey Bench Mark located at The Logs Restaurant.

Whitewater rafting is a significant local recreational sport, with access points to the White Salmon River in both communities. This very active river features Class III, IV and V white water. Enjoy the lush green vegetation as the river pours through a deep narrow lava canyon where trees grow straight out of the rock walls.

Several regional rafting companies are located in this area. The communities are located along the corridor to the Mt. Adams Wilderness and Gifford Pinchot National Forest recreation areas. Husum has a nine-hole public golf course with a clubhouse offering dining, and golf club and cart rentals.

Husum/BZ Community Council
PO Box 101
Husum, WA 98628
Phone: (509) 493-1934

Weather Forecast for Husum

Husum Church of God
211 Husum Street
Husum WA 98623

Husum Fire Station
Husum WA 98623

Husum Highlands Bed & Breakfast
70 Postgren Road, Husum, WA 98623
800-808-9812 or 509-493-4503

Husum Hills Golf Course
White Salmon
820 State Hwy 141
Husum WA 98623

Husum's Riverside B&B
866 Hwy 141
Husum WA 98623

Rabanco Regional Disposal Co. - BZ Corners Transfer Station
5 Fir Tree Rd., BZ Corners WA 98623

The Logs Inn
1258 Hwy 141
White Salmon, WA 98672

Wet Planet Rafting
PO Box 1980
White Salmon, WA 98672

Wind River Cellars
196 Spring Creek Road
Husum WA 98623


Husum, Washington


As some of the first white settlers in Klickitat County made their way up the winding White Salmon river in the mid-1800s, Husum or as it was then called - Wilkensheim - became a common stop-over point on the way farther north to the Trout Lake and Glenwood areas.

Mattheus and Christian Wilkens homesteaded there in 1876 and on March 8, 1880, Wilkens opened a post office which he called Wilkensheim in his home. Also that year Martin Thompson established a town at the site, which he named Husum after a town and Germany near the village where he was born. Wilkens’ post office lasted only a short time and on Aug. 23, 1880, the Husum Post Office was established with Sophia Thompson as the first postmistress. Martin Thompson was also president of the Husum Power Company, of White Salmon, Wash. Thompson died at age 64 or paralysis.

As young Husum grew, a school, church, general store, powerhouse and even a hotel were constructed along the route which took still other homesteaders farther up the trail toward Mt. Adams. Before the first bridge was built below the White Salmon River Falls in 1882, settlers had to ford Rattlesnake Creek, with all their belongings, causing some to dub it "Creek of the Lost Stoves." After the bridge was put in a stage road was built which followed of the White Salmon from Husum to Trout Lake.

From the headquarters of the White Salmon river in the foothills near Mount Adams, this stream affords the best of trout fishing. Big catches of rainbow trout are a daily pastime during the season along its entire length of 30 miles. The river is a swift running mountain stream, pure and sparkling as crystal. Silently flowing through the level stretch of the Trout Lake region, it suddenly dashes in cataracts and falls, brilliant in the sunlight, before tumbling into semideep canyons lower down the valley. It again appears near the surface level of the country a few miles above here, when it swiftly continues its way to the deep, beautiful Columbia River, six miles below.

BZ Corner

The Logs Inn

The area that became BZ Corner was a wilderness of heavy virgin timber until William Biesanz of White Salmon settled here. Mr. Biesanz "blazed the trail" for the present B.Z. Corner in the early 1930s. People traveling that way those days did not envy his job of clearing the land of the big stumps and brush. So it was, that soon afterwards the people referred to that section as B.Z. Corners, nicknamed after Mr. Biesanz.

B.Z. Corner grew slowly at first but with the erection of the Jaymar sawmill. Families came in, found work there, built homes and cleared the timber. Logging, as well as the big 400 acre pear orchard of the Mt. Adams Orchards Co. also provided jobs for the people of B.Z. Corner. The second place of business to be built at B.Z. Corners was the confectionery and beer parlors of Earl Verley, who a year or so later erected "The Logs," the county's finest dance hall in the mid-1930s.

Today "The Logs" is now a restaurant serving home-style cooking and some of the best huckleberry pie you'll ever eat!

Source: Klickitat County, Washington Genealogy and History Research website by Jeffery Elmer.
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